From bald eagles to endangered butterflies, sprawls of wildflowers to the yellow fringed orchid, Lebanon Valley is home to a wide selection of wildlife. Relish in the abundance of flora and fauna while you explore our expansive woods and streams, or admire some of the largest and oldest trees in the state. No matter which trail you travel, natural wonders are around every turn in the Lebanon Valley.

Snow Goose Migration: A Local Phenomenon

February and March mark the annual snow geese migration in Lebanon County. You can view the snow geese, tundra swans, and more at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area. The PA Game Commission says that the best times to view snow geese on the lake are sunrise, before they leave to feed in neighboring fields and sunset, as they return from feeding to roost.

Snow Goose Itinerary

The itinerary to the right is the must-have companion when visiting the Lebanon Valley to view the snow geese. It recommends local dining, history, and attractions that you and your family can experience during your visit. Pick one up at the Visit Lebanon Valley Welcome Center or the Visitors Center at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area.

Snow Geese Migration

 Learn all about the snow goose migration from Enviornmental Education Specialist
Brant Portner in this wildlife blog!

From approximately mid-February to mid-March, large patches of snow seem to appear on farm fields in Lebanon County. This wouldn’t be too abnormal, except these patches of snow move, even fly! Usually snow falls down, not up. That’s because this snow I’m talking about is actually large groups of birds-snow geese. Read More…

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