State Game Lands 211

At 44,343 acres, State Game Lands 211 has so much to explore and experience. Set off on foot about a 1/4 mile along the Stony Valley Rail Trail from Gold Mine Road heading west, then turn north into the woods and you’ll see one of several American Beaver dams within Lebanon Valley.

With so much wilderness, keep an eye out for Red-Spotted Newts, Barred Owls, Deer, Porcupine, and a wide array of birds. Be sure to take in the beauty and texture of the variety of mosses and ferns while you’re there.

What Locals Love About It. 

“It was very much worth visiting. There were two good uphill scrambles and one tricky steep downhill, if you’re going counterclockwise. No sweeping vistas, but wonderful foliage in spring. The trail was also completely deserted; I only saw one person on the AT section, and I started at 10am on a Saturday. The quietness meant I saw way more fauna than usual, including a red-spotted newt, deer, a porcupine, chipmunks, and a wide range of birds. If you’re a moss nerd, too, there was a great variety of that as well.” – Jess T. via

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