One-of-a-kind Tastes in the Lebanon Valley

Farm Fresh produce at roadside stands, intriguing small restaurants, craft breweries, and more await you in the Lebanon Valley, tucked between Hershey and Lancaster, PA. Local ingredients and a Pennsylvania Dutch flair make every taste a delight, using Pa. Dutch Family recipes handed down over generations, like shoo-fly pie, whoopee pies, Shuey’s pretzels, or taste our local delicacy Opera Fudge, the perfect souvenir.

No trip to the Lebanon Valley is complete without a taste of our savory claim to fame Lebanon Bologna. This all-beef sausage is locally cured in smokehouses by several companies, like Seltzers, using the same care and tradition for over 120 years. A perfect addition to your next Charcuterie Board.


  • Click on the foods below for locations where you can find these Lebanon Valley Specialties,
    both retail and on the menus of local restaurants

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