Lebanon Valley Specialty Foods


Here in the Lebanon Valley, we’ve got a rich history and a distinct culture that is perhaps no better understood than through the foods we love. Get a taste of the place we call home with five of our local favorites. After a bite of Opera Fudge, you may just find that it’s not just our history that’s rich!



Learn the story of these delicious but historical eats in this video, showcasing three specialty foods are only produced in the Lebanon Valley and read more on each of these classic creations below!


The Lebanon Valley is definitely full of Bologna, and we wouldn’t want it any other way! Hardwood smoked and happily enjoyed since the late 1700s, Lebanon Bologna is 100% beef and 100% delicious! From old-fashioned sweet to chipotle sweet to double smoked, local bologna favorite Seltzer’s Smokehouse Meats has got a flavor for everyone.

Take our Bologna Persona quiz and find out which flavor of Seltzer’s Lebanon Bologna you are! 


We taste:
Savory Hardwood Smoked, 100% Beef, Perfectly Cured, Pair-with-Anything, Delicious, Flavorful, Premium


While not technically a fudge, Opera Fudge is delightfully sweet and deliciously smooth. With a creamy vanilla center coated by a pure chocolate liquor, this Lebanon Valley confection is melt-in-your-mouth perfection. But it’s not all sweet with Opera Fudge… join the local debate with a taste test from both Van Winkle and Wertz Candies and choose your favorite!

We taste:
Sweet, Creamy, Rich, Melt-in-Your-Mouth, Vanilla, Delectable, Pure


Since 1927, Shuey’s Pretzels have been carefully handcrafted and coal-roasted using the same techniques that are practiced today. Open every Saturday, Shuey’s draws a line full or pretzel-hungry-patrons each weekend. So, whether you’re a loyal soft pretzel fanatic or a hard pretzel connoisseur, Shuey’s are sure to please… just make sure to set your Saturday alarm early because these pretzels go fast!

Photo: @coryvb


We taste:
Salty, Crispy, Simple, Hard or Soft, Snackable, Handcrafted, Coal Toasted, Twisted (in the best way)



Nothing says Pennsylvania Dutch quite like a base of molasses and brown sugar with a buttery crumb topping — affectionately known as Shoofly Pie. Often referred to as the cake baked in a pie shell, this familiar favorite is featured on many local menus and in the offerings of many roadside stands. With recipes passed down over generations, we recommend trying a few to taste the many different family renditions that can be found throughout the Valley.

Photo: @montezoolandes


We taste:
Buttery, Wet-Bottom, Dry-Bottom, Crumby, Old-Fashioned, Pennsylvania Dutch, Flaky, Heavenly, Sugary, Sweet, Grandma-Approved!


Fun to say and even better to eat, whoopie pies are not so much a pie, but a sweet sandwich filled with delicious icing. Originally made with two chocolate cake rounds and a fluffy vanilla filling, these handheld treats can now be found in countless varieties from pumpkin to chocolate peanut butter. For the best Whoopie Pies, look to local bakeries, grocery stores, and farmers markets where homemade favorites can be found.

Photo: @mandalnndc

We taste:
Fluffy Filling, Chocolatey Cake, luscious, Dreamy, Soft, (Too) Easy-to-Eat, Light, Handheld, Versatile in Flavor

  Specialty Foods Featured on Local Menus

  • The businesses below feature Lebanon Valley Specialty Foods in different dishes on their menus! From burgers to dessert, our local chef’s take these classic flavors to create something new for a whole different experience!

Allen Theatre & Salamander Bookstore Cafe

Annville, PA - The Allen Theater features first-run movies including art and foreign selections. Dine in their coffeehouse and peruse the bookstore before or after the show!


Ancestor Coffeehouse & Crêperie

Campbelltown & Cornwall, PA - Ancestor Coffeehouse & Crêperie offers delicious crêpes, both sweet and savory, as well as coffee brewed by their very own roastery. Family owned and operated, Ancestor always has a specialty drink and specialty crêpe on their menu that fits perfectly with the season.




Jigger Shop

Mount Gretna, PA - Nestled in the heart of Mt. Gretna for over 100 years, The Jigger Shop is not only an attraction, but a tradition!


Moose’s LZ Bar and Grill

Jonestown, PA – Located off the base of Fort Indiantown Gap Military Reservation, Moose’s LZ Bar & Grill was once a penny arcade in 1951. Soldiers and local patrons would enjoy a cold beer and sandwich. And they still do!


Trattoria Fratelli

Lebanon, PA - Traditional Italian entrees, pizzas & pastas are served with elevated cocktails at this cozy eatery.


“Our charcuterie boards have become a showcase for the rich flavors of the Lebanon Valley. I love sourcing meats from local butchers and cheeses directly from local creameries. Plus, the craft breweries in the area provide the perfect pairing for any board.”

Chef Dwayne Spencer


  Places to Purchase Specialty Foods

  • Planning to create a beautiful charcuterie board like the Timeless Cafe’s Chef Dwayne?
    Here’s where you can pick up Lebanon Valley Specialty Foods right off the shelf to use,
    cook, or eat as you wish!

Laudermilch Meats & Howards Produce

This family-run butcher offers locally-sourced meats, cheeses, baked goods, and more! Their outdoor produce stand features seasonal fruits and vegetables May through October.


Lebanon Farmers Market

Lebanon, PA - A 30,000 square foot historically restored facility occupying nearly one-half the block. This original 1892 Farm Market Building has been preserved to the beauty of it's 19th century birth while creating a 21st century shopping experience!


Risser-Marvel Farm Market

Annville, PA – The Risser-Marvel Farm Market offers a farmstand, pumpkin patch to pick in the field, corn maze, straw or hay bale maze, tractor-pulled hay rides, trike track and more.


Seltzer’s Outlet Store & Museum

Palmyra, PA - Savor the taste of tradition with Seltzer's Bologna, crafting quality beef products in Lebanon County since 1902. Explore their outlet store, now a museum, to purchase original bologna, beef sticks, and jerky, while immersing yourself in the rich history of this iconic brand.


Shuey’s Pretzels

Since 1927, Shuey’s Pretzels have been carefully handcrafted and coal-roasted using the same techniques that are practiced today. Open every Saturday, Shuey’s draws a line full or pretzel-hungry-patrons each weekend.


Wertz Candies

Lebanon, PA - Wertz Candies is a family-owned candy shop that was founded in 1931. Their handmade candies include favorites like opera fudge, chocolate-covered bacon, and tons of different fudges.


Specialty Foods Around The Valley


Our local dining and restaurant options are run by hardworking, small business owners, working dilligently to bring you delicious dishes, unique beverages, and tasty treats on each of their menus. Using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, you’ll find clean eating in the Lebanon Valley.

What are your favorite flavors? A hearty meal? Small bites from a local brewery? Do you prefer cafe style eats? Maybe you’re just here for dessert? Explore the flavors of the Lebanon Valley below!

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