Fossil Frenzy: Digging Through PA’s Past – DCNR, Swatara State Park

Swatara State Park

Did you know we have fossils right under our feet? Come learn about the types of fossils we find here at Swatara SP, how they were created, and what they can tell us about our past. Then we’ll try our hand as paleontologists and dig for some fossils in our tried-and-true fossil hill! ...Read More […]

Salamander Safari – DCNR, Swatara State Park

Swatara State Park

"The cool wet area around our creek is perfect salamander habitat, meet at the Trout Run trailhead for an evening salamander search! We’ll start the program by talking about these unique amphibians and what distinguishes them from other inhabitants our park, followed by a hunt along the forest floor to locate these illusive creatures. A […]

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