Lebanon Valley Bicycle Coalition

Rides relating to the Lebanon Valley’s geography, culture, & history

Members of the Lebanon Valley Bicycle Coalition have put together 10 scenic routes that will take you around the Lebanon Valley, through beautiful farmland, past historic landmarks, and over rolling hills. Choose from various lengths and themes for a ride that will leave you in wonder at all the Lebanon Valley has to offer.

Downloadable maps and cue sheets to scenic rides in the Lebanon Valley are available below. Click on each map for a downloadable version and click the button below each map for a cue sheet.

Cyclists are blessed to be able to ride the exquisite roads that are offered here in the Lebanon Valley.  This area is rich in history and scenic views along with nature and wildlife. Just some of the reasons for experiencing these rides would be the enjoyment of viewing beautiful farmland with creeks, valleys and quiet back county roads. All ten rides have their own specific identity which is great for offering a variety of terrain and views.  If I had to pick a personal favorite it would probably be the Conserving Land & Heritage. This particular ride starts from the Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area and combines the nature refuge area along with farmland scenery. 

Ron Birch

Lebanon Valley Bicycle Coalition

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