Is the Lebanon Valley Haunted?

There are numerous stories of haunted places in the Lebanon Valley. Perhaps the best known are the stories involving the infamous Blue-eyed Six; said to haunt Lebanon Farmers Market. Have you seen the blue lights in the basement, the site of the jail where the blue-eyed prisoners were held? Stand out in front of the market, where the prisoners were hung, will their spirits raise goosebumps on your arms?

Visit Moonshine Church and Cemetery. Joseph Raber, the unfortunate victim of the Blue-eyed Six in 1879, is buried here and said to roam the graveyard. Raber was drowned in Indiantown Gap Creek for insurance money. It is said floating blue lights can be seen in the graveyard and along the road.

Have dinner at The Franklin House Tavern built in 1742 in Schaefferstown and listen to the staff’s tales of unexplained happenings. People have seen floating orbs; bar stools have been moved when no one was in the room and there is pounding on doors by unseen fists. A curly-haired woman in a long dress is said to inhabit the second floor. A bearded man was spotted in the basement, perhaps someone who hid in the tunnels under the tavern, where the town’s residents hid from Indian attacks.

Legend has it the ghost of Ann Coleman haunts Inn 422 (Now Misago Bistro Sushi) on Cumberland Street. The building is rumored to have been built for Anne Coleman by her father. Anne was engaged to a young lawyer her father did not approve of and forced her to break off the engagement. Ann is rumored to have committed suicide in 1819. Does her broken-hearted ghost haunt this elegant inn, mourning the lose of her fiancé, James Buchanan, future president?

These are just a few of the haunted tales of the Lebanon Valley. This Halloween explore these haunted places.

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