Coffee, Community and Caring

No visit to Jonestown would be complete with a stop at Swatara Coffee Company. When you enter the shop, you are greeted by the great aroma of flavored coffees, tasty treats and the sound of happy voices. Not only do they have wonderful coffee and delicious treats but they also provided a great place to foster a sense of community and caring. Have a coffee, maybe a maple latte, and meet other people working from home. Or bring your favorite craft and enjoy coffee (how about a caramel latte?) with other crafters. Participate in Game Night or play checkers on Tuesdays. Support a good cause or pay-it-forward for a worthy individual. I plan to try a First Daughter Frappe, a custom beverage created by Swatara Coffee in honor of Lebanon County Reads, the next time I visit. Purchase this treat and help the local library. Support this great local coffee shop. Thank John and Joanne for adding a wonderful business to the Lebanon Valley.

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