Brandt’s Mill for Healthy, Pampered Pets

When I want to buy healthy food or something to pamper my kitties, I go to Brandt’s Mill in Lebanon. This family business, with its pet loving staff, makes you feel welcome as soon as you walk in the door. George and Winston, the store’s resident English Bulldogs, greet visitors as they enter the doors. After making a fuss over Winston and George, I head over to the cat section, recently expanded. I pick up a bag of healthy dry food I can’t get in regular stores and start to check out the toy section; not that my spoiled cats need more toys! It feels like some one is watching me. I turn around but don’t see anyone. Wait! I see some ears sticking up and eyes watching my every move. One of the store cats is watching me; mostly hidden behind a shopping bag. It’s either Lucy or Lizzy, probably Lucy. She’s more social. Maybe she’s waiting to play. I control my impulse to buy more toys and look around the store at the abundance of dog items but there are also items for birds, fish, rabbits, and guinea pigs. There are even items for exotic pets. Brandt’s also makes their own horse feed. The section for outdoor bird feeding is my last stop. I feed outdoor birds year-round and Brandt’s has everything I need, including their own custom birdseed. You can buy this by the pound or in twenty-five-pound bags. I like to buy a variety of seed and make my own mix. Brandt’s stocks a wide variety of feeders and birdhouses to attract many feathered friends to your yard. Make your pet’s day, shop Brandt’s Mill Specialty Pet Store, 630 N 9th Street, Lebanon.

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