Armistice Day on Display

This year celebrates the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day and the Lebanon County Historical Society has a wonderful front parlor display to celebrate.

The display cases are full of memorabilia from World War I. You can see a great collection of ornate German helmets on loan from a Society Board Member as well as “scraps” (small cardboard designs people collected in scrap books) given to soldiers leaving the fields. One “scrap” in the display case features two cardboard men, flags and oak leaves. Also look for a unique Austrian helmet that has a detachable oak leaf cluster. Small toy soldiers are grouped throughout the displays.

Attractive war posters are also displayed. The very colorful and eye-catching graphics attracted attention and encourage the purchase of Liberty Bonds. Another display case features stereopticon cards, all in excellent condition. General “Black Jack” Pershing is featured in one of the cards.

Lebanon County is represented with many pictures of troops returning home, a roll of honor and the trunk and map used by Henry H. Barnhart, Lebanon County Native.

James McAteer will present the next monthly program on November 11th at 1:30, featuring the World War I veterans from Lebanon County in honor of the centennial of Armistice Day.

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